woensdag 17 augustus 2016



dinsdag 19 juli 2016

   New posters! 


      In stock at Strand West in Utrecht.

      Pictures by Melvin Tas.

dinsdag 1 december 2015

Merry christmas and a happy new year!!


maandag 22 juni 2015

Last year we started studio 'ELKE DAG VERS'. Its a studio/workingplace owned by 4 different artists based in The Haque. Check https://www.facebook.com/elkedagvers for more info.
Photo's by Ivo de Bruin.

vrijdag 13 december 2013

vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

NEW "Gurke"

       NEW "Gurke" poster for sale!

donderdag 15 november 2012

NEW prints...

I have been silkscreen printing this week. Look! New prints!
Size 30 - 70 cm
Paper 250 gr